Sunday, August 06, 2006


I work at a Target Greatland, which basically means we sell groceries and frozen food but don’t have the all-out stuff like a deli or a butcher. There are a limited number of layouts for Target Greatland, and the layout of my store is a fairly common one.

If you face Target with your back to the parking lot (not something I recommend on a busy day), you will see three doors: Blue to your left, Employees-Only in the middle, and Green to your right. You can’t get enter through the middle door without being buzzed in.

You can go in through either the Blue or the Green door. The easiest route is to go in through the door closest to where you parked. However, if you do this, be sure to remember which door you are using; it will make finding your car so much easier.

If you go in through the Blue door, you will find Food Avenue (the Taco Bell and Pizza Hut) on your right and HBA (health and beauty – I’m not sure what the “A” stands for) on your left. Right in front of you will be shopping carts, and right behind them is “See Spot Save,” or what used to be known as the Dollar Spot. They had to change the name because some of the items are now 2 for $5.

If you look at the wall to your left, you’ll notice a blue squiggle of neon light on the wall. This is Blue World.

Now, if you go in through the Green door, electronics will be on your right, and Guest Service will be on your left. Directly in front of you will be more shopping carts, and behind that is what we call “the other cartwell.” Here you’ll find semi-seasonal stuff; right now they’re pushing picnic food. Greeting cards are beyond this. If you look at the wall to your right, there is a Green neon light squiggle. This is Green World.

When you get in line, it can’t hurt to try to find a lane near the door through which you entered. It’s not necessary, of course, but if you’re buying huge things, it makes it a little easier on the cart attendants who will be putting your purchase into your car.

Now, at the beginning of the day, there are more cashiers on the lanes near Blue World; by the end of the day, the cashiers have been moved down to Green World. This is only important right around closing: after the store closes, but before all the shoppers have been pushed out, the Blue door is locked, and Guests have to leave through the Green door. So if you’re planning to shop right before closing, it’s smart to park by the Green door.

Now, just as you may enter through either door, you may leave through either door. There is no rule or device that mandates you enter through one and leave through the other. In fact, it’s easier on everyone involved that you leave through the door through which you entered.

These hints may seem obvious, but I’m asked about them every day. Hopefully, you'll find them useful next time you go shopping.

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Katarina said...

Huh, weird. It sounds like your Target is set up the opposite of ours. How...mysTEERious.

...I should write you some entries from the Sales Floor point of view. :P