Sunday, September 10, 2006

Price Check

“Wow,” I said, sounding concerned. “Are the price scanners still broken?”

Now, full disclosure: the price scanners were broke recently – if, by “recently,” you mean “June.” And I am legitimately concerned about them being broken, because I use them when I’m shopping.

But that quote? I say that when I’m asked to do a price check while ringing your purchases up. Roughly translated, it means, “Why haven’t you already taken care of this?”

What am I talking about?

Throughout the store, there are red posts. These have a call button you can push if you need help, a phone Team Members can use to communicate with Guests or cashiers, and a price scanner. If you run the bar code under the scanner, it will tell you the current price.

So if you’re not sure if a particular item is on sale, or if you can’t find the price tag on the shelf (if it’s been put away properly, you should be able to, but that doesn’t always happen), or if you don’t know which of two items is a better deal, you can use these scanners to find out.

The scanners are on the same system as the registers and the Team Members’ scan guns, so you can be assured that the price that comes up on the scanner is current – and that if it’s wrong on the scanner, it’s wrong in the register, too, so you can be prepared to deal with that (or, better yet, inform a Team Member in the department, so that he or she can fix it right away).

The scanners are there for your convenience, so that you don’t have to lug around items that you’re not sure you want. In the end, though, that works out into our convenience, as well. So, ultimately, it helps everyone if you use the price scanners instead of waiting until you get to the register.

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