Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Card Reader

Ok. Every store has a different type of credit card reader. I wouldn’t be surprised if they varied from one Target to another. And it *certainly* wouldn’t surprise me if they changed them again after you read this.

That said: the card readers are not new. Yes, you have seen them before – last week, when you were in my line. Seriously, they’ve been there a few years. I’ve fought with that piece of hardware through several shifts in software.

But, that said, let me explain to you how to use it.

You can put your credit or debit card in at any point during the transaction. In fact, I’m supposed to encourage you to do so as soon as I start scanning your purchases (although there are certain situations where that’s not the best idea).

If your card is only a credit card, the machine will take you right to the form where you sign. Use the attached pen – not a real pen. Yes, I know someone used a real pen recently, and their signature is still there. I’m trying to get it cleaned up.

When I hit “Total,” the purchase goes through and you get your card back.

No, it doesn’t eat the card. It does not destroy the card. If the card is rejected, the machine will just spit it out at you.

Now, if the card can be used as either a credit card or a debit card, then the default is the debit card screen. If you want to use the card as a credit card, hit “Cancel.” It’ll give you the option to use it as a credit card, or to cancel altogether. You should be able to figure out which one you want.

If you want to use it as debit card, use the attached pen to poke in your PIN. You don’t have to use the pen, but it makes things much easier.

Do you want cash back? If so, how much? It looks confusing, I know, but all you have to do here is read the screen. It’s all written out pretty clearly. Simply follow the on-screen directions.

A major difference between the credit and debit options is that in debit, you can cancel at any point. In credit, once the card is approved, you are stuck; your entire purchase will go on the credit card. So if you choose “Credit,” be sure that’s what you want. Otherwise, tell me how you want to do this; I can take care of any other options on my end of the register.

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