Monday, October 09, 2006

Rain Checks

Target offers rain checks on certain items. However, there are rules and restrictions.

For one thing, rain checks are only available for items on sale. Other discounts do not qualify for rain checks.

Seasonal items also do not apply. Since they are seasonal, once they are gone, they’re gone. Check the sale circular; it usually will say in small print if the item is not eligible for a rain check.

On that note, the item must be listed in the sale circular. Otherwise, rain checks are not available.

Ok. Now, you need the item number (DPCI) to get the rain check. The easiest way to do this is to take the Rain Check tab off the shelf. These actually aren’t always there, but the way it’s supposed to work is: when we run out of an item, we program a tablet of papers and place it where the item would go. You take one, and when I’m ringing up your purchase, I just scan the little paper and the register will print up your rain check.

Note that one rain check is good for any “reasonable” number of the item, so if you want three, you still only have to take one paper.

If there aren’t any rain check papers on the shelf, you can go to Guest Service. They can look up the DPCI and print a rain check there.

To redeem your rain check, just hand it to the cashier with the item it’s for, just like you would with a coupon. The price adjustment will happen automatically.

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